Lemon-Glazed Madeleines

What do you know about Madeleines? 
Apparently, you need to know a lot to pull these off.


I’ve never actually consumed Madeleines while I was living in the States.  They didn’t seem to be in the repertoire of anyone I knew.  My first Madeleine came from a bag I purchased at this tiny little bodega-type market down the street from my house in St. Maarten.  They were delicious, even from a bag!  I could eat a large bag in one sitting and would even choke myself, as I tried to inhale those delicious little devil cakes!  I never thought about baking them myself, as they were so delicious straight from the bag, until….


One day I was perusing Amazon, as I do, and saw the “What Others Bought” section.  I saw the Madeleine pan and impulsively bought it.  Why not?  It’s just a little seashell shaped cake, how hard could it be?  Little did I know, it was actually one of those finicky things that the French love so dearly.  Why must they complicate my life with such delicious, complex, unhealthy food products?!?!  Okay, well, these weren’t all that complicated, but there were lots of things I needed to remember…which I’m not good at…. remembering things? What? Why? Ugh.


Anyhow, I used this recipe for lemon-glazed Madeleines and they worked like a charm.  I buttered and floured one batch, then left out the flour on the next and they worked fine, because, duh, I have a nonstick pan.  I was extremely giddy because I ACHIEVED the infamous Madeleine HUMP…WITHOUT baking powder.  I don’t even know what this hump business is all about, but I totally get it.  Everyone wants bigger humps, humps, lovely cakey humps?


I would probably say it’s best to make the batter the night before, so then you don’t have to get antsy about them whilst they sit in the fridge/freezer.  I like the non-glazed variety with coffee.  I inhale the lemon-glazed variety solo!  Enjoy!


Things to Remember [about baking Madeleines]

  1. Room temperature eggs, ugh.
  2. Have patience and let the melted butter come to room temp, unlike me.  I stuck mine in the freezer for 5-ish minutes.
  3. MUST. FREEZE. PREPARED.  PAN.  That is, with butter already brushed on.
  4. Refrigerate batter for at least 1 hour.  I mopped and made salsa, in the meantime 🙂
  5. Wash pan after first use.  Re-butter.  Re-freeze.
  6. Don’t spread batter after spooning into molds.
  7. USE really good French butter, if you have it.  I LOVE and use President.

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