These Shoes Are Made For Walkin’

I’m heading to Boston in June to graduate, finally.  The Boyfriend and I may even take a short trip to D.C. in April to visit his cousin, a US Senator.  I foresee a lot of walking being done on these two trips.  Alas, one thing I do not have is cute and comfy walking shoes.  New clothes? Got em’.  A graduation dress? Done.  I even have a cute cross-body bag picked out.  BUT. Cute AND comfortable walking shoes?  That seems to be asking too much.  I considered the options available to me:  Chuck Taylors?  NOT comfortable.  Flip flops? No support.  Running shoes?… are for running, plus I don’t want to be THAT tourist.  I would love to be able to wear the plethora of booties I’ve acquired (this one, in particular), but I can’t see that being feasible.  I’ve been perusing the interwebs and below are some of the shoes I’m considering.  I chose leopard print and grey, as they are versatile and will pair beautifully with any color palette.  Any suggestions? Let me know!




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