Odds & Ends – Boston edition



Beautiful weather &
a row of homes on Commonwealth Ave.,
where we stayed


Pavement Coffee 
Voted some of the best coffee in the US!
Surprisingly inexpensive.


Historic Burrage House
Literally situated on the same row of homes where we stayed!
Tom Brady & Giselle used to live here!
Can I live here, too?
Read about it here, here, & here.


The North End.
Very far left:  unremarkable brown house was Paul Revere’s.
love the cobblestones ❤


Cannoli’s from Mike’s Bakery, North End.
Harvard Book Store, Cambridge.
Where I could’ve met:


I’m not especially patient enough to be the 333rd person in line.
For anything!!!



So character.  Such charm.  Much vintage.
shops on Newbury St.


stairways at Boston Public Library/an entrance at Old South Church,
Copley Square


IMG_5730Granary Burying Grounds
Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, John Hancock & Crispus Attucks
FYI:  Benjamin Franklin is not actually buried here!


Building at Harvard.


Back Bay at night.


Massachusetts State House


pretty spot at Northeastern Univ.


Commonwealth Ave. Mall,
right in front of the apartment ❤


Trinity Church, Copley Square

Some Tips for Boston:

Apps I Recommend:

  • If you’ve never been to Boston, I would highly recommend downloading the EMBARK BOS App to get around and to navigate the city with public transportation (mostly the subway). In addition to mapping out your subway route, it also shows you the nearest T station to you.
  • ProximiT app to get train times if you are frequenting the red, blue, or orange line.
  • If you’re only in for a few nights and didn’t have time to plan, the Hotel Tonight app had some great deals.
  • Another great app, especially for food truck enthusiasts is Street Food Boston.  This app shows you food truck schedules and also, maps their current or prospective location(s).
  • Yelp and Urbanspoon are both essential to restaurant reviews.

Where I stayed:

  • I needed to stay in Back Bay, close enough to my university so I wouldn’t have to take a cab to graduation.  Hotels are insanely expensive in this area.  I used AirBnB to book a completely awesome apartment for a week.  I saved $1000+ and the apartment was super nice.  It didn’t have concierge, house keeping, or a continental breakfast but that didn’t matter to me–I saved over a thousand dollars!  Our place was relatively quiet (except for the traffic and constant honking, I mean, what is with that?!), extremely comfortable and soooo cozy!  The kitchen was stocked with everything we needed (fridge, microwave, full sized oven/stove, dishwasher, dishes/cups, wine bottle opener–important!, etc) and we had access to free laundry services, free wifi (fast) and the roof.  Additionally, the apartment was only a block away from the T station and proximal to Newbury and Boylston Streets.  Score!


  • I thought I was going to spend a fortune in Boston, but that was not the case at all!  There are affordable options everywhere, even in Back Bay, an affluent neighborhood.  I felt like a lot of money was wasted ordering in and paying the delivery fee for food [for my parents].  If it were just me, I could have easily made do with food truck meals, banh mis, or a burger.  In fact,  McGreevy’s on Boylston St. has $1 burgers on Tuesdays and $1 build your own 10″ pizzas on Thursdays, both after 4 pm!
  • See my post on what I ate in Boston.
  • Online order & delivery sites:  Foodler, Eat24

Helpful Links:


  • For us country bumpkins who aren’t used to walking everywhere:  comfortable shoes!!!  I didn’t have any and I must say, I was not Boston strong.
  • Pack a light rain jacket.  I checked the weather prior to my flight and didn’t see rain on the forecast, so I was unpleasantly surprised when it was cold and rainy for a couple days!  In June!!!  “That’s New England weather for ya!” said a friend of mine.  Luckily, I packed this rain jacket and this light fleece. Both of these items are light and can be easily packed in a tote.
  • Don’t be a fool; buy a Charlie Ticket for public transportation! Especially if you are staying for a few days.

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