Back Down South Now…

cupecoy beach cave

Quick update (avoiding homework).  I’m officially back in the States after a quick stint back in St. Maarten!  I will [kinda] miss that lil island!  This stay was great, considering The Boyfriend was in his last semester of Basic Sciences for med school.  So, after he finished with the comprehensive test students have to take before leaving the island, he finally got to explore!  He wasn’t much of a beach bum, like me, but I convinced him to go to Cupecoy Beach with me one day and I happened to stumble upon the above pictured cave!  The day I went, this cave was full of nude men, so I wasn’t about to snap a pic.  I captured this photo on my last run on the island and was fortunate enough to catch the sailboat in the background.  What a dreamy photo!  It seems so surreal that I was the one standing in front of all this.  Sad face.

I also revisited the Guana Bay Hike with him and our friends, in addition to finally getting to check out La Belle Creole, a creepy, abandoned resort on the French side.  There was also a lot of socialization, outside of med school!  Specifically, I mean, lots of new foods, drinks (wine!!!), and a nice new restaurant in Cupecoy we frequented!  Stayed tuned!  More posts to follow!


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