Eurotrip Part I: Epsom



Back in August/September, I crossed the pond to visit me boyfriend.  ‘Twas quite nice.  Cannot say I cared for the pound sterling as much as the natives, but it was still a wonderful experience.  I’ve never walked so much in my life!

Our base location was Epsom, in county Surrey.  It was apparently very posh.  Epsom is home of Epsom Downs, where the Derby is held.  I liked to run up the road leading to the Downs, as it reminded me of Game of Thrones!  Epsom also reminded me of everything that is typically English–cute little cottage houses, foxes, lush greenery…  it was like a Jane Austen novel!  Once, the Boyfriend and I ran around Epsom Common and I felt like one of those women in English novels that walked everywhere (Elizabeth Bennet, Tess Durbeyfield, and Jane Eyre come to mind).  My feet were in perpetual pain, but it was worth it because allowed me to appreciate the gorgeous surroundings and minute details of the homes, I may not have otherwise seen in a car.  Now I understand what Elizabeth Bennet means when she tells Darcy she’s “quite fond of walking.”


The landscape is SO breathtaking and SO GREEN.  It always surprised me to see roses and wild blackberries amongst all the green.  There is nothing like an English rose garden.


Horses were everywhere in Epsom, as can be expected.  I loved seeing them on the road along with the cars!  There is something comforting about the sound of their trot…




When the weather was cooperating, we liked to have picnics in the park!  With wine!  We used these Matador Pocket Blankets which can fit in your pocket.

Overall, Epsom was a quaint little town.  We mostly cooked or ate burgers when we went out.  Notable eats:  Pizza Express (I think about the Calabrese pizza A LOT) and Mackie’s of Scotland Traditional ice cream, OMG.


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