Eurotrip Part III: Dublin

dublinfotorDublin was the only city in the itinerary that was completely planned by B.  As such, the only thing planned was to tour the Guinness Storehouse.  Our return flight left the same day, so we didn’t have much time to explore but that’s all the more reason to come back!  With that said, the Irish Passport Control guy got a kick out of us coming to the country JUST for Guinness.  9sdljflksdUpon arrival we withdrew EUROS from the airport ATM.  Euros>Pound Sterlings…unless you’re British.  We took a €10 roundtrip bus to the city center and from the city center, walked to the Storehouse.  Having done this, I recommend you find the bus (I believe it was #23) to take you closer to the Storehouse, as the walk was about 30 minutes each way.IMG_9676After self-guiding our tour of the various levels of the Storehouse, we arrived at the topmost portion of the building – the Gravity Bar.  This is where you can enjoy your free glass of Guinness surrounded by views of the city (but mostly other people touring).  By this point, it is quite refreshing.IMG_9684For lunch, we ate on campus at the Brewer’s Dining Hall, a cafeteria style restaurant.  We both had Beef and Guinness Stew, served over mashed potatoes and of course, Guinness to drink.  For dessert, we had cheesecake (I think Bailey’s) and an Irish trifle!  I recommend it all!  2015-09-09 14.25.53We walked back (east on College St., I believe) towards the city center and shopped for souvenirs, then stopped in at a bar for more beers, of course.  We tried two local beers, one of which was Curim and I cannot remember the other.  I wish I could also remember the name of this pub!  Next stop, Roma!


  • Skip the lines and purchase tickets online.  Bonus, if you’re a student you can get a discount!

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